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15th International Conference on Ad hoc, Sensor & Ubiquitous Computing (ASUC 2024) will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in theory, methodology and applications of Ad Hoc & Ubiquitous computing. Current information age is witnessing a dramatic use of digital and electronic devices in the workplace and beyond. Ubiquitous Computing presents a rather arduous requirement of robustness, reliability and availability to the end user. Ad hoc, Sensor & Ubiquitous computing has received a significant and sustained research interest in terms of designing and deploying large scale and high performance computational applications in real life.

Authors are solicited to contribute to the conference by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in the following areas, but are not limited to.

Topics of interest

  • Ad Hoc Computing
  • Ad Hoc Networks of Autonomous Intelligent Systems
  • Addressing and Location Management
  • Architectural Structure, Design Decisions and Philosophies
  • Architectures, Protocols and Algorithms
  • Architectures, Protocols, and Algorithms
  • Autonomic Management of Ubiquitous Systems
  • Context and Location Awareness, Context Based and Implicit Computing
  • Data Allocation and Information
  • Data Management Issues
  • Deployments and Implementations
  • Distributed Computing
  • Distributed Technology
  • Embedded, Network-oriented Operating Systems
  • Energy Optimization
  • Hardware Aspects of Sensor Design
  • Intelligent Devices and Environments
  • Internet Computing and Applications
  • Interoperability and Large Scale Deployment
  • Location Management and Placement
  • MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Middle ware and Software Tools
  • Middle ware Services and Agent Technologies
  • Mobile Ad Hoc Learning
  • Mobile Agents for Ad Hoc Networking
  • Mobile and Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • Mobile Computing
  • Modeling and Performance Evaluation
  • Network Design and Planning
  • Network Protocols & Wireless Communication
  • Novel Architectures for Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
  • Performance Analysis and Simulation of Protocols
  • Personalized & Special Field Applications
  • Power-aware and Energy-efficient Designs
  • Quality of Service
  • Radio Issues with Other Wireless/Mobile Systems
  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Allocation, Services, QoS and Fault Tolerance
  • Scalability of Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Security and Dependability Issues
  • Security and Privacy
  • Security Issues and Applications
  • Self-configuring and Self-healing Schemes
  • Sensor Circuits and Devices
  • Sensor Networks
  • Service Discovery Mechanisms and Protocols
  • Services and Applications
  • Software Infrastructures
  • Software, Applications and Programming
  • System Support Infrastructures and Services
  • Ubicomp Human-computer Interaction for Devices
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Ubiquitous Systems and Trust
  • Under Water Sensors and Systems
  • User Interfaces and Interaction Models
  • Virtualization Over Networks of Devices
  • Visualization of Sensor Data
  • Wearable Computers and Technologies
  • Wireless & Mobile Network Security
  • Wireless Networking and Mobile, Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Wireless/Mobile Service Management and Delivery
  • Work Models
Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit papers through the conference Submission System by December 30, 2023. Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this conference. The proceedings of the conference will be published by Computer Science Conference Proceedings in Computer Science & Information Technology (CS & IT) series (Confirmed).

  • International Journal of Ad hoc, sensor & Ubiquitous Computing (IJASUC)
  • International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications (IJNSA) - WJCI,ERA Indexed
  • International Journal of Computer Networks & Communications (IJCNC) - Scopus Listed, WJCI,ERA Indexed
  • International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks (IJWMN) - WJCI, ERA Indexed
  • International Journal of Advanced Smart Sensor Network Systems (IJASSN)
  • Information Technology in Industry (ITII)
  • Important Dates

    calendar_todaySubmission Deadline : December 30, 2023

    calendar_todayAuthors Notification : February 29, 2024

    calendar_todayRegistration & Camera-Ready Paper Due : March 09, 2024


    Hard copy of the proceedings will be distributed during the Conference. The softcopy will be available on AIRCC digital library.

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